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Where Do I Start?

If you're new to the college testing and application process, Wendy Segal is here to help

Let's work backwards. Students who apply to college early action (apply early so the college will give you its decision early, and you have a better chance of getting in) must do so by mid-October of senior year. So follow this backward timeline:

  • October senior year - complete and submit all applications
  • September senior year - last chance to take an ACT
  • August - September senior year - complete college application essay and any supplement essays
  • August senior year - last chance to take an SAT
  • May or June junior year - SAT or ACT
  • March through May junior year - visit prospective colleges and prepare list of possible colleges
  • March or April junior year - SAT or ACT
  • January through March junior year - research colleges online, and send for more information 
  • December junior year - first SAT and/or ACT
  • October junior year - PSAT 

So when should you begin tutoring? September of junior year or August before junior year if you think you have a chance at a National Merit award.
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